Refund Policy

The only aim for this service is to provide 100 % satisfaction to the users in the most affordable price. Our ethnic and morale policies have been causing for our great success. We belief in staying true to our roots and be transparent to our customers in every condition. This has helped us form the most trustable and transparent refund policy.

Our hard work is paid off when our clients become part of our family. This is only possible by providing them with the best sales and after sales services. Refund policy is very helpful for either duplicate payments or if something goes wrong.

The only thing we demand from you is to carefully read our terms and conditions for assignment writing. This eradicates half of the problems that students deal with us. Still, if you find any more issue than just simply write us an email.

We try our level best to cater and solve all the refund related queries in the least amount of time. Anything related with money can create a tensed situation for our valuable customers.

Partial Refund Policy

We give all our customers a grace period of one hour after they have submitted their payment. If they want to cancel their order in the first hour, all of their payment will be refunded. Just write us an email regarding the cancellation of your order and we will look into it.

One thing that customers should keep in mind is. If the one-hour mark has passed than only 50% of the payment will be refunded. Our professional team starts working on your assignment after an hour. To compensate their hard work, we will charge 50% of the total payment.

No Refund Policy

  • No refund for payment made of work that has been delivered for 30 or more days.
  • Payment will not be refunded if the deadline is near to 72 hours or less.
  • No payment will be made if the consumer wants some modification in their original demand. (Modifications can be made)
  • No refunds for orders that have partial payment due.

Deadline Refund Policy

Life is full of surprises which can become a reason for not completing assignments on time. Any unnatural event happens or our experts get into some problems. If due to our error, your assignment gets delayed. Then we are obliged to give you gift cards for your current or next order.

However, if the deadline is not met because of any error made by the customers. You failed to provide us with necessary information or login details etc. In this condition, we are not obliged to refund your money.

Process of Refund Policy

The process of refunding your money usually takes around 1-7 business days. In this time, we carefully inspect your case. And, try our best to accommodate you. We are not responsible for any bank delays, fee charges or holidays that may delay your refund.

The management holds the power to change or update terms and conditions in any given time. Please regularly check our T&Cs to avoid any confusion.